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May 3, 2011  |  Instruction, Reports  |  Share

Saturday morning found me up early and headed for one of my favorite warmwater spots, especially for teaching. This was the day that I was going to see where Kyle stood with his casting ability, as he had not fly fished in close to 15 years. Once that was determined, we were to spend the morning before the Main Street Festival cutting back on his learning curve and putting him on the fish. Kyle did a great job picking up the basics and putting them into action. After less than an hour, he was casting a fly toward suspecting spots and wouldn’t you know it…. fish on!  KP started off the day with hand-sized bream on poppers and never looked back.

Making good casts with a quickness = more fish

And so it begins, Nice work KP!

 Watching someone go through the process from making the cast to landing that first fish on the fly is nothing short of truly awesome. It feels better for me to see that than it would if it were me catching the fish myself. Ok, don’t worry, this is not a sob story. 

Back to the fishing:

One of many

Once Kyle recognized the factors that he put in to place for his newfound success with a fly rod, he spent the morning catching a bunch of really solid bream.  There was much success to be had as far as surface action on poppers. When the poppers wouldn’t produce in fishy spots, all it took was a swictch to that pesky wooly bugger…..and boom goes the dynamite! After KP wore out the fish on the proving grounds, we were off to look for some more fishy spots. The fish were all holding in some pretty tight spaces, but Kyle picked up a solid roll cast in a hurry, and was bringing more bream to hand like it was his job. A bunch of bass were spotted and moved, but no takers for KP on this day. Next time we will have some bass mixed in with all those bream…Getting that roll cast in there

A well-placed roll cast produces again

After getting Kyle’s cast streamlined and getting some finishing touches put on, it was a great morning of very productive fishing. It’s that time of year folks, the weather is staying warm and the fish are very active. Just think of how good it will be once the Cicadas are out in force! If you can stand the noise and those huge bugs flying around, you will have a ton of surface action.  Until next time, Great job Kyle! 


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