Popper Prospecting

May 3, 2011  |  Reports  |  Share

A couple weeks ago I got a chance to check out some new water, and found that the river and its tributaries were way to high to deal with. Luckily there was a fall-back plan: seeing how many fish were willing to hit poppers on a couple of local ponds. Popper fishing is such a fun way to catch fish, especially for me, as it brings back so many memories of when I learned to fish with dad.  Ok, enough of the nostalgia. 

The usual suspects for smaller poppers

I spent a few hours in the afternoon and evening on that day casting poppers at the banks to see what was willing to look up. With some of the cooler evenings we had in the week prior, there were not many takers, but I did manage to get a few bream and a couple of juvenile bass to hand. When the poppers are not producing, make the switch to your favorite streamer and your numbers will increase given you are working the correct spots. Remember, don’t spend too much time in one area if you are not getting strikes, especially when it comes to bream and bass. Change up your retrieve, work the area(s) you can cast to, and move on until you find the fish.

A blast to catch on the fly

All in all, with many midstate rivers and streams too high to fish or even deal with, look no further than your favorite warmwater haunts, as they will tide you over until the rains finally calm down and we can get back to business as usual. Stay safe out there and enjoy….


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