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May 14, 2011  |  Instruction, Reports  |  Share

Jack under the watchful eye

Mother’s Day found us entertaining the moms at our place for brunch… My sister-in-law had the kiddos with her, so after they ate and got through watching a movie, it was time to head down to the pond with a fly rod and see if we couldn’t get our first fish on the fly rod for Jack and Hannah. It did not take long for Jack to pick up the idea of the cast, and within just a few minutes he was hooked up on some feisty little bluegill all by himself!

The Jack Monster's first on the fly rod

He was really fired up, but nothing compared to the feeling of watching the thrill of the outdoors being passed on to another generation. The fact that it is family makes it even better.  Jack was able to land  4 more fish before we got the rod into Hannah’s hands, and with a little help, H. Frank had a fish on too! It was the perfect introduction to fly fishing for these two, as of course we have a small window of attention span to work with at that age.

When introducing young anglers to the sport, it is best to start as young as possible of course, and do not forget that short attention span.

Hannah's first Fishy!


It is very important to put the kiddos in a spot with the best opportunity to be productive, because if they do not get to see anything or catch anything soon, that small window will close, and may be hard to re-open.  Remember, get them on the water and in the outdoors young, that is the best chance before big technology gets there and the beloved outdoors is playing second fiddle. Even the shortest exposures, no matter what the sport or activity, can plant the seeds that last a lifetime. Good luck out there, hopefully I will have the little ones back out on the water soon, Jack is just about ready to get out on the boat!!

Happy new anglers

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