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August 7, 2011  |  Reports, Trips  |  Share

A day at the office

Upon returning home from Florida, I thought there was no better way to get back to the grindstone that to spend a day on the water with dad. Plans were made, gear was thrown in the boat, and off we went. With the heat being so out of control, a tailwater is the only place I could stand to be outside during the day. Once we let the canoe and kayak fleets get out of range, we were prospecting with dries on the 3 weights.

Apparently we made the right choice, as we were able to find a handful of fish

Awesome on a dry fly

looking up, including a very solid brown that took the 3wt to the limit. After posing for some pictures, the fish was back on its way to keep growing and fight another day.  After dad changed up his offering a little bit, he started getting into the feisty stocker rainbows that we were initially targeting with the light rods. Lucky for us, that brown was just in the right place in the right time with an appetite.

These little guys are always looking for a meal

The rest of the day wound up being relatively slow, we moved a few nicer fish on terrestrials, but could not get them to the boat.  Needless to say it was awesome to be out on the water with dad. For me personally, there is not a better fishing partner in the world. I am extremely fortunate to have the appreciation for the outdoors that I do, and fishing with dad puts it all into perspective.

Hopefully the heat will get under control soon, and stay at a manageable level. If you hit the tailwaters this summer, the usual arsenal is always productive, and usually smaller is better this time of year, especially on your midge patterns. Terrestrial patterns will produce some good strikes as well, so don’t count them out. Just remember the fish will be a little lethargic with this heat, so keep the fight as short as possible. Hook them, get them in, snap a picture, and send them packing ASAP. Good luck out there, and as always, leave the resource cleaner than you found it.


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