Friedman’s of Franklin

January 22, 2014  |  Reports, Uncategorized  |  Share

With so many big box stores and websites out there catering to outdoorsmen, it can certainly be enticing for some to get their gear. But lets take a look at a major trend in shopping these days……shopping local!! From groceries to clothing, and anything else in between, small towns and even metro areas are seeing a shift from the big box and franchise market to supporting their local business owners. Take for example our bustling little metropolis that is Franklin – we have become some of the local business junkies of middle Tennessee. If you want to argue that point, then get yourself downtown first!

Although the outdoor industry may not reign supreme among Franklin consumers (yet), it is gaining a foothold from a little spot on West Main Street known as Friedman’s of Franklin. Just over a mile from the square in downtown, it is here that the over-shopped outdoorsman can find an escape from the hustle and bustle and find just the right mixed bag of apparel, gear, military surplus equipment, and my personal favorite of course, fishing gear suited to our very own Harpeth River. I myself cannot get out on the water without stopping in and picking up a few “lucky leaders” that Friedman’s keeps in stock. Not to mention, I think it’s just good karma and the fish seem more receptive to my presence if I’ve paid Friedman’s a visit beforehand.

Speaking of the Harpeth, Friedman’s of Franklin is also the base of operations for Franklin Canoe and Kayak Company- the mainstay in town for all things float trips. For those of us who are ready for spring and summer to get here, Friedman’s is the one-stop shop to gear up and schedule a float trip on a number of sections of the Harpeth River. Whether the goal is chasing fish or just a leisurely float down a scenic stretch of river, Carrie will have you covered. From the gear you need coupled with friendly service that is a part of the recipe of downtown Franklin, you’re sure to find the best place in town to meet your needs and then some. It’s nice to disconnect from the world for a change and experience the outdoors that we have to offer right here at home. And what better way to do that than by starting in a local store? Be sure to say hello to Butterbean, the coolest and most laid-back shop dog around!

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