Stretching from its headwaters in Rutherford County to the Cumberland River, the approximately 125 miles of the Harpeth River comes in all shapes and sizes. While the Harpeth boasts over 80 species of fish throughout the watershed, the primary targets range from a number of different sunfish and bluegill, catfish, largemouth bass, and the always aggressive smallmouth bass.  A fly rod is an excellent tool to probe the waters whether or on the mainstream or in one of the many tributaries. Streamers and poppers will produce fish in both fast water and in deep holes around cover for the bass that serve as the local ambush predators in the Harpeth. While floating the river is the best way to cover the most water and navigate the primarily privately owned banks, the public access points provide ample wading access for wade fishermen. 

Required gear for the Harpeth range from a 3-5 weight rod with a varying leader length, depending on the flies that you tie on. Always be mindful of the forage in your surroundings to help point the direction of your fly choice. Good luck out there and as always, leave the river cleaner than you found it!